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Rubber Mounts Type NR/NRD Rubber Mounts Type NR/NRD

Effective, low cost isolation of noise and vibration for >1,000 RPM equipment and machinery. Single (5-6mm) or double (10-12mm) deflection available for each specified load range.

Load Range: 17-1200kg
Static Deflection: 5-12mm
Free Height: 28-76mm
Colour coded load range.

Stud Mounting SM Stud Mounting SM

Combined shear and axial compression capabilities, used for the mounting of small fans or pumps, small control panels, lightweight equipment in racks etc. Available as a stud mount or mounting foot. Not to be used in tension.

Axial Load: 10-350kg
Shear Load: 2-70kg
Static Deflection: 2-6mm
Free Height: 10-50mm
All metal parts are zinc plated.